Unidad Innovación y estrategia de Internacionalización



Through the use of innovative tools and methodologies, we assist the productive sector, regions and national and international governments in identifying opportunities and visualizing projects, assessing their social, economic and market impact. We accompany them in designing high-impact models and implementing effective internationalization or investment attraction strategies by working on the construction of differential value proposals, competition analysis, assessment of entry barriers and competitive factors.



Studies & Diagnoses

➤ Socio-economic studies to measure impacts on the national and regional economy for the development of large projects
➤ Identification of opportunities and prioritization of product, services and markets, both in Colombia and abroad
➤ Feasibility and export and import potential diagnosis


Promotion & Training

➤ Trade missions, business agendas, and attainment of strategic partner in Colombia and abroad
➤ Internationalization conferences and workshops, as well as in business innovation tools


Business Design & Structuring

➤ Structuring of internationalization plans for public entities (business associations and chambers of commerce in municipalities, departments and regions)
➤ Design of business models for private companies
➤ Design of promotion strategies for Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA) to attract national and foreign investment to departments and regions


Cross-border e-Commerce Operations

➤ Design and implementation of eCommerce Free Zones in Latin America.
➤ Structuring of new Cross-Border eCommerce Projects
➤ Legal solutions for Cross-Border eCommerce operations
➤ Design of internationalization business models through e-commerce


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