We design efficient corporate and fiscal structures to optimize the cost of your operations and the return on investment flows from a tax point of view. We have generated tax savings, reduced contingencies and tax penalties.


Administrative and Judicial Representation

  • Tax return requests and/or tax compensation requests
  • Analysis of administrative acts issued by national and local Tax Authorities
  • Drafting of legal recourses and replies before administrative authorities
  • Drafting of preliminary defense/objections against tax collection orders
  • Filing of nullity and restoration of rights actions
  • Filing of unconstitutionality actions against tax regulations

Tax and Corporate Planning and Structuring

  • Preparation of business planning and reorganization strategies with national and international components from a national and local tax point of view
  • Advice on projects for the acquisition, sale, merger, spin-off of Colombian assets (corporate vehicles and/or movable assets and/or fixed assets) and investments in Colombia, from a tax point of view
  • Advice on the structuring of national and international operations through business collaboration contracts from a tax point of view (joint ventures, consortia, temporary association, joint account contracts)

Tax Consulting

  • Advice on national, local (departmental and municipal) and international taxation
  • Interpretation of Double Taxation Agreements signed by Colombia and currently in force
  • Advice on mercantile trust operations

Fiscal Planning and Asset Management

  • Preparation of fiscal planning and family estate management strategies with national and international components
  • Optimization of business operations and fiscal management of family estates

Fiscal Benefit Requests

  • Registrations, authorizations and acknowledgment of fiscal benefits before administrative authorities

Advisory on Regulatory Projects

  • Preparations of bills (laws) and regulatory decrees in fiscal matters