Trade Remedies and Commercial Policy



We defend the interests of companies in unfair competition investigation processes, for the adoption of anti-dumping, countervailing duties and safeguards. Likewise, we optimize the use of FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) that improve the international competitiveness of companies.  ㅤ



Trade Remedies Advisory

➤ Comprehensive representation in processes for the adoption of anti-dumping duties, Safeguard measures and Countervailing measures.

➤ Due Dilligence for the early identification of unfair trade practices in imports.

➤ Advice to Colombian exporting companies, to prevent the imposition of Trade Defense measures in third countries.

➤ Impact analysis regarding regulatory changes in trade defense matters in Colombia and in regional and multilateral forums.

➤ Preparation of “Due Diligence” to analyze the legal and economic feasibility of requesting before the Competent Authorities, the adoption of safeguard measures or antidumping and countervailing duties.

➤ Risk analysis to determine the conditions under which a company could be involved in a dumping, subsidy or safeguard investigation in other countries’ jurisdictions. Statistical modeling of factors to be taken into account to prevent this type of investigation in third countries.

➤ Representation of national or foreign companies in investigation processes for the adoption of Trade Defense Remedies, including Sunset Review determined by the Authorities, both in Colombia and in international jurisdictions.

➤ Accompaniment and strategic relationship management with the Colombian government and decision-making bodies in this type of procedures.

➤ Advice and accompaniment before the customs authorities for the correct application of trade defense Remediesand the prevention of circumvention practices.

➤ Application of Non-Preferential Rules of Origin for products subject to trade defense Remedies.


Trade Policy Utilization From Free Trade Agreements

➤ Advice in processes of Verification of Origin, before customs authorities of Colombia or countries with Free Trade Agreements. Experience in Mexico, Peru, Mercosur USA, Canada and Europe, in the following sectors (Textile – clothing, Footwear, Agroindustry, Automotive, Pharmaceutical).

➤ Customized studies that analyze the impact on business, trade tensions and the new rules of the multilateral trading system.

➤ Sectoral regulatory analysis to identify risks and opportunities within the framework of current Trade Agreements.

➤ Design of strategies to overcome regulatory barriers regarding technical and sanitary requirements.

➤ Advice on the analysis and optimization of agricultural trade policy instruments (Andean Price Range System, Price Stabilization Mechanisms, amongst others).

➤ Optimization of trade policy instruments to improve the efficiency of companies’ internationalization processes.

➤ Tariff Policy (deferrals and splittings to Customs Tariff)


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