Unidad Comercio Internacional



We advise and support our clients on the implementation of foreign trade mechanisms and free zones, as well as the structuring of infrastructure and port projects. We are also specialized in maximizing profits in industrial operations and services. Over the past 3 years, the strategies we have put in place for our clients have resulted in saving them more than USD 20 million in operation.  ㅤ 



Free Trade Zones

➤ Declarations of Special Permanent Free Trade Zones and Special Free Trade Zones
➤ Qualification as a Free Trade Zone’s industrial user or commercial user
➤ Legal advisory for Free Trade Zone’s operations


Trade Facilitation

➤ Requests for port concessions and subsequent modifications
➤ Legal advisory for daily operations of port societies
➤ Proceedings before the National Infrastructure Agency (“ANI”) and local entities: tariff revision, compensation payment, compliance, amongst others


Business Design & Structuring

➤ International trade companies
➤ Export programs (PEx)
➤ Functional unit requests
➤ Requests for basic industrial machinery certificates


Structuring of Infrastructure Projects

➤ Temporal imports


Processes before Administrative Authorities

➤ Reconsideration review and other legal recourses before the National Customs and Tax Authority (“DIAN”)


Permanent Advisory in Customs & International Trade

➤ Operation consultations of companies from different sectors
➤ Reply brief of information requirement’s from DIAN


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